Monthly Recurring Donations

Lutherlyn now has the ability to process reoccurring gifts!

Your Benefits:

Your Gift is Automatic - Instead of having to remember to send a check or drop off your donation, you need only complete one form and we will do the rest of the work for you!

You Can Cancel or Adjust at Any Time- You are not obligated to continue your commitment any longer than you would like. Simply contact our office at 724-865-2161 or notify us through the form below and we will cancel, adjust or place a hold on your account.

Take a Break From Writing Big Checks- Now you can determine how much you want to give at the beginning of the year and distribute it evenly throughout the entire year.

Trinity Pines Club Membership is Now Easier Than Ever- A monthly gift of only $10.00 is more than enough to guarantee your Trinity Pines Club Membership each year!

Expand Your Giving Potential- Even though giving monthly generally is a much smaller amount on a per gift basis, the aggregate amount that is given over the course of a year almost always adds up to more than the average one-time gift amount.

Setting Your Trinity Pines Goal

Level One: Only $10 per month (actually $8.34 if you want to be exact!)
Level Two: $17 per month
Level Three: $25 per month
Gold Circle: $42 per month
Diamond Circle: $84 per month
Director's Circle: $209 per month
*January through December

Set Up Your Monthly Recurring Donation

Option One: Call Andi at 724-865-2161

Option Two: E-mail Andi at

Option Three: Download, Print, Complete, and Send...

Option Four:

Monthly Recurring Donations Online Form

Contact Information

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Donation Method

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Checking/Savings Account

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Your credit/debit card or bank account will not automatically be charged. Your information will be securely processed and the first transaction will take place on the first occurrence after your form has been processed.